Who is Marcie Thomas? 

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Marcie’s life began (literally) in Hinesville, Georgia, a military community just south of Savannah (where she currently resides). A child of the late 60s/early 70s, she grew up during the Black Power era when proud brothers and sisters were sporting afros, wearing dashikis, and watching Soul Train on Saturdays. During this time, Marcie’s early interests included singing, dancing, and other forms of performance art. 

Fast forward to her teen years, Marcie fell in love with literature, poetry, and writing, and aspired to own her own magazine for African-American teen girls. By the time she went to college, however, she altered her career path and began preparing herself for a corporate career. To that end, Marcie obtained both undergraduate and graduate degrees in business during a 7-year stint in the U.S. Air Force. 

As a civilian, Marcie has held positions in a variety of industries: restaurant, telecommunications, retail. insurance, automotive sales, and manufacturing. In her free time, however, Marcie has always found ways to exercise her creative muscles through volunteer service (TV ministry, freelance writing, choirs/singing groups) or her own passion project (Brown Girl Collective).

Just a few years ago, Marcie discovered a love for paint and brushes at a wine and canvas event and began taking “classes” on a regular basis. Marcie’s adventures in painting gave her the skills to create Generations of Grace as a gift for her mom on Mother’s Day 2018, marking the beginning of her career as An Unexpected Artist and the launch of Marcie Thomas Studios. 

If Marcie’s creative past is any indication of what the future may hold for her, the best is yet to come!


Artist’s Statement: “Black women have an extra-special way of representing all that is colorful in the world, from the bronzed hues of their skin to the ways in which they adorn their bodies. I am inspired by the women and girls who cross my path every day and the ones that call out to me from the screen or the page or the radio. I celebrate their beauty – and my own – with brushes and paint.”


Marcie Thomas

Marcie L. Thomas
Artist, Writer & Chief Creative Officer