What a Color-Full World

spotify playlist – curated by marcie thomas studios

Thanks to my late father, Louis M. Thomas, Jr., I am a lover of music. So much so, I can generally guess the name of an artist or song (especially from the 70s-90s) within a couple of notes, à la Name That Tune or Beat Shazam.

Because I enjoy melodies and lyrics so much, I tend to work better when I have some sort of music playing in the background. The time that I spend in front of an easel tends to fly by when I have a banging soundtrack to help keep my creative juices flowing, so I will be sharing the musical wealth with you.

First up is a Color-Full mix of songs that have the name of a color in the title (Green Eyes, Purple Rain, Pink + White). The list also contains songs performed by artists with colorful names (Black Thought/The Roots, Bobby Brown, Karyn White). This list contains 50+ songs and will provide you with 4+ hours of listening pleasure.

Share your favorites from this list or let me know which songs or artists I can add by leaving a note in the comments. I look forward to hearing more about your musical tastes.